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Education and Training

As the most important medical center affiliated to National Taiwan University College of Medicine (NTUCM), National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH) provides education and training to a large variety of medical, paramedical, and non-medical personnel, including clerks, interns, post-graduate trainees, with the backgrounds in Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Medical Technology, Physical and Occupational Therapy, Public Health, Hospital Management, Nutrition, Psychology, Social Work and so on. Besides highlighting knowledge-based education and training, NTUH’s training programs place a strong emphasis on assisting students and post-graduate trainees in gaining clinical experiences and skills through continuous practice.

For undergraduate students, NTUH provides education and training for domestic students, as well as for international students from around the world in accordance with NTUH’s international cooperation plans. Each year approximately 600 medical students and 1,400 paramedical/non-medical students finish their training at NTUH.

In post-graduate medical training, NTUH’s educational and training programs aim at equipping medical residents with excellent medical knowledge and clinical skills as well as professionalism. To help medical residents better understand the patients and their pain and suffering, doctors are also required to take courses such as introduction to clinical medicine, physicians and the humanities, physicians and the society, and so on.

For paramedical and non-medical personnel including administrators, pharmacists, nurses, therapists, medical technologists, dietitians, volunteers, social workers and so on, NTUH not only offers courses on a regular basis, as part of the continuing education, but also provides trainings in actual practice.

As the most important medical center for medical, paramedical, and non-medical training in Taiwan, NTUH is devoted to providing excellent education and training. NTUH instills a firm commitment in its staff to a lifelong learning process, and prepares its staff to understand and meet the evolving health needs of the population.

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Last modified at 2018/04/13
Data from Department of Medical Education Chen, Tzu-Hsiu