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International Exchange

I. Medical training and interactions with international medical schools and institutions:
Our hospital accepts medicine-related students and staff from international schools and institutions for training interactions. These interactive training programs not only can improve mutual understanding, but also can help raise the standards of medical treatment of other countries, which is the main duty and mission of a national medical center such as NTUH.

Training of international students at our hospital:

In 2018, 269 international students with medicine, dentistry and other medicine-related majors came to our hospital for training. Most of them, 54%, were from the Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia. In terms of the fields of practice, 56% of the students received training in the departments of internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, and family medicine.

The distribution graph of the countries participated in student training in 2018:
Singapore: 24%, Hong Kong: 16%, Australia: 14%, U.S.A.: 10%, Germany:8%, Japan: 7%, United Kingdom: 4%, New Zealand: 4%, Others: 13%


The Visiting Clinical Scholar Program and the Fellowship Training Program:

In 2018, 125 foreign medical personnel took part in the training program at our hospital (106 physicians, 19 medical staff), 57%, were from Mongolia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Viet Nam. The training they received was for the most part, 65%, conducted in the departments of surgery, rehabilitation, emergency medicine, internal medicine, and nursing.

The distribution graph of the countries participated in physician and staff training in 2018: Mongolia: 17%, Thailand: 15%, Indonesia: 14%, Viet Nam: 11%, Philippines: 10%, United States: 7%, Singapore: 5%, Japan: 3%, Hong Kong: 3%, Korea: 3%, Others: 12%


Last modified at 2019/04/08

Data from Department of Medical Education and Personnel Office