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Daily Life at NTUH and in Taiwan

Taita Jing-Fu Alumni Hall
The Jing-Fu Alumni Hall(Hotel)located in the western part of NTUH is operated by the National Taiwan University Medical Alumni Association. The cost for a single room ranges from NT$25,000 to NT$30,000 per month, housekeeping service included. Please make reservation in advance. Phone number: +886-2-2312-3456 ext. 66370
* The official acceptance letter is required for a foreign clinician to make a reservation.

Accommodation nearby(for reference) :


Location: 19 Hsu Chang St., Taipei, Taiwan, 100

Other sources for accommodations:

There are several restaurants on the B1 level of the NTUH building, with reasonable prices ranging from NT$50 to NT$100 per meal. Across from Taita Jing-Fu Alumni Hall, there are also many restaurants and cafes.

  1. The outsourcing restaurants on NTUH B1F offer buffet-style foods(about NT$50-100 per meal)and a variety of cuisines (about NT$100-200 per meal).
  2. There are two student cafeterias on Hsu-zhou Road near NTUH offering buffet-style dishes (about NT$50-100 per meal).
  3. The restaurants and stores at NTUH offer 10% discount to the staff of NTUH bearing valid NTUH ID cards.


  1. On NTUH, a 24hr convenience store and staff super-market carries food, household products and everyday items.
  2. There are many department stores, shopping complexes, small stores around the Taipei Main Station area.

The temperature is between 25-37℃ during summer period (May to September), 13-21℃ in winter(December to February), 15-26℃ in spring(March to April), and 17-28℃ in autumn (October to November) .


  1. From airport to NTUH: The regular shuttle bus stations are on the 1st floor of the terminals I and II at the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. The buses run every 15 to 20 minutes to the Taipei Railway Station. From the Taipei Railway Station to NTUH is about 15 minutes on foot or NT$100 by taxi. Taxi fare from the airport to NTUH is about NT$1,500.
  2. Transportation in Taipei: The best way to travel within Taipei city is a combination of taxi, bus, walking and the Mass Rapid Transit system (MRT). If you are going to stay in Taipei for more than one month, we suggest that you buy a stored value EasyCard that can be used for both bus and MRT rides in Taipei. EasyCards can be purchased at all Taipei MRT stations.
  3. Transportation within Taiwan: Bus services, domestic flights, railway or High Speed Rail are available for traveling in Taiwan.

In comparison with many large cities, Taipei has relatively low crime rates. The streets are considered fairly safe even at night. Like anywhere else in the world, travelers should use caution when riding in taxi alone late at night. It is recommended to use a radio-dispatched cab service. Theft of personal property is more common, especially when riding in crowded buses or MRT.

Around the island of Taiwan, the potential for sightseeing and exploration is unlimited. Please go to the website of Tourism Bureau of Taiwan for travel suggestions and more information.

Estimated Living Expenses
Budget per week: about 620-650 USD/Month

Items Items New Taiwan Dollar USD (1:30)
Flight economic class (NY-Taipei, Taipei-NY) 33,000 1,100.0
Bus (CKS airport-Taipei city) 120 4.0
Taxi (CKS airport-Taipei city) 1,500 50
City Bus 15 0.5
Taipei Subway (average) 40 1.3
A big meal (all you can eat, average) 500 16.7


Useful Phone Numbers

  1. he main telephone number of NTUH is +886-2-2312-3456, please dial the 5-digit extension number directly or dial “4” for the operator’s service when using hospital phones.
  2. International Medical Service Center: +886-2-2356-2900, for living information and consultation.
  3. Department of Medical Education: Ms. Hui-Ling Chen, +886-2-2312-3456 #65612, for application information and consultation.
  4. Security Department:+886-2-2312-3456 # 62065

Useful websites

Last modified at 2018/06/04
Data from Department of Medical Education