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Visiting Hours

In order to provide our patients with a safe, convenient, and comfortable environment, visitors to our hospital are requested to abide by the following rules:

  1. Visiting hours

    • Visiting hours for general wards
      Please refrain from visiting outside of visiting hours (22:00 to 6:00 on the following day) and during patients' rest time at noon.

    • Visiting hours for intensive care unit wards
      In order to prevent patient infection in the intensive care unit wards, visitors are requested to bring and use their own masks and wear protective gowns when visiting patients. Only two visitors are allowed at any one time.  

    • Visiting hours for burn intensive care unit wards

    • Visiting hours for burn wards

  2. Individuals with infectious diseases (particularly respiratory diseases) and children under six should refrain from visiting. If a visit is necessary, such individuals are requested to put on face masks to prevent infections from spreading. In the event of special circumstances, such visitors shall be assisted and guided by our nursing staff.

  3. Before visiting a patient, visitors have to wash their hands or use a hand sanitizer. 

  4. Please refrain from using your mobile phone in the ward. If you have to use your phone, please maintain some distance from any medical equipment or use it in the sun lounge, so as to avoid interfering with the normal operation of the medical equipment and ensure patient safety.

  5. In order to maintain a quiet environment in our wards, please speak quietly and put your phone on vibrate. Children should also not be allowed to play or make noise in a ward.

  6. Please keep your cash and valuables in a secure place and do not leave them lying around.

  7. In order to ensure a quiet environment in our wards, the smooth functioning of the hospital, and the privacy of our patients and medical staff, visitors are not allowed to visit, photograph, or record videos of the hospital's operating rooms, intensive care unit wards, delivery rooms, emergency rooms, burn center, isolation wards, outpatient clinics, and ward areas. If a patient, family member, or visitor intends to take photos or record videos of the hospital areas mentioned above (including the wards), he or she shall first inform the staff at the nursing station of the area in question, and seek the hospital's permission before doing so.

Last modified at 2018/8/22
Data from Department of Nursing CHEN, JUI-YI