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Administrative Departments​
Superintendent Office 院長室
Secretariat Office秘書室
Human Resources Office人事室
Accounting Office主計室
General Affairs Office 總務室
Engineering Affairs Office 工務室
Department of Development and Planning 企劃管理部
Occupational Safety & Healthy Office 安全衛生室
Public Affairs Office公共事務室

Medical Support Departments
Department of Pharmacy 藥劑部
Department of Ambulatory Care Service 門診部
Department of Biomedical Engineering 醫學工程部
Department of Dietetics 營養室
Medical Information Management Office 病歷資訊管理室
Medical Affairs Office 醫療事務室
Social Work Office 社會工作室
Information Technology Office 資訊室
Department of Nursin 護理部
Center of Quality Management 品質管理中心
Center for Infection Control 感染控制中心
Healthcare System Administration Center 臺大醫療體系管理中心

Medical Departments
Department of Internal Medicine 內科部
Center of Anti-Aging & Health Consultation 抗老及健康諮詢中心
Department of Pediatrics 小兒部
Allergy and Immunology Center 過敏免疫中心
Adult Congenital Heart Center 成人期先天性心臟病中心
Department of Neurology 神經部
Center for Parkinsonism and Movement Disorder 巴金森症暨動作障礙中心
Department of Psychiatry 精神醫學部
Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 復健部
Department of Family Medicine 家庭醫學部
Department of Oncology 腫瘤醫學部
Department of Medical Genetics 基因醫學部
Department of Environmental and Occupational Medicine 環境職業醫學部
Department of Geriatrics and Gerontology 老年醫學部
Department of Surgery 外科部
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery 骨科部
Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology 婦產部
Department of Otolaryngology 耳鼻喉部
Department of Ophthalmology 眼科部
Department of Urology 泌尿部
Department of Dermatology 皮膚部
Department of Dentistry 牙科部
Department of Anesthesiology 麻醉部
Department of Traumatology 創傷醫學部
Department of Medical Imaging 影像醫學部
Department of Nuclear Medicine 核子醫學部
Department of Laboratory Medicine 檢驗醫學部
Department of Pathology 病理部
Department of Integrated Diagnostics & Therapeutics 綜合診療部
Department of Emergency Medicine 急診醫學部

Specialist Center
International Medical Service Center 國際醫療中心
Health Management Center 健康管理中心
Center of Human Appearence 形體美容醫學研究中心
Breast Center 乳房醫學中心
Heart Failure Center 心臟衰竭中心
Clinical Psychology Center 臨床心理中心
Center of Sleep Disorder 睡眠中心
Sports Medicine Center 運動醫學中心
Physical Therapy Center 物理治療中心
Center for Complementary and Integrated Medicine 輔助暨整合醫學中心
Telehealth Center 遠距照護中心
Early Intervention Center 早期療育中心
The Clinical Center for Neuroscience and Behavior 臨床神經暨行為醫學中心
Cancer Administration and Coordination Center 癌症防治中心
Cardiovascular Center 心血管中心

Research & Education Departments
Department of Medical Education 教學部
Department of Medical Research 醫學研究部
Hepatitis Research Center 肝炎研究中心
National Taiwan University Medical Library 圖書室
Health Resources Center 健康教育中心
The National Center of Excellence for Clinical Trial and Research 國家級卓越臨床試驗與研究中心
Research Ethics Committee Office 研究倫理委員會行政中心

NTUH Health System
Yun-Lin Branch 雲林分院
Bei-Hu Branch 北護分院
Jin-Shan Branch 金山分院
Hsin-Chu Branch 新竹分院
Chu-Tung Branch 竹東分院
NTU College Of Medicine 臺大醫學院



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Data from Department of General Affairs Office