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patient service

Clinic Locations
Outpatient Service  Position
 Pharmacy  1F、2F 、Children's Hospital
 Registration & Cashier
 1F、2F、Children's Hospital
 9595 Resuscitation Center
 Anesthesiology (Pain Control)  1F
 Dentistry  1F、2F、Children's Hospital
 Genetic Medicine  1F、Children's Hospital 
 Hemophilic Therapy Center  Children’s Hospital
 Internal Medicine 1~42  1F 
 Service Counter  1F
 Laboratory(Blood Test、Urine Test )  1F
 Laboratory(EKG )  2F
 Medical Imaging  1F
 Medical Information Management Office  1F
 Obstetrics And Gynecology  1F
 Oncology  1F
 Orthopedics  1F、Children's Hospital 
 Psychiatry  1F、Children's Hospital 
 Rehabilitation  1F、Children's Hospital
 Surgery  1F、2F、Children's Hospital
 Dermatology  2F、Children's Hospital
 Family Medicine  2F
 Neurology  2F、Children's Hospital
 Ophthalmology  2F、Children's Hospital
 Otolaryngology  2F、Children's Hospital
 Urology  2F
 Chemotherapy  4F
 Pediatrics  Children's Hospital
 Breast Center  Children's Hospital
Last modified at 2018/04/13
Data from Department of Ambulatory Service and Planning and management office