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Charge and Payment

In addition to being able to make a cash payment or pay by credit card for your treatment, payment can also be made by a money transfer using a bank or postoffice ATM card in one of our automated teller machines.

Basic Outpatient Fee

( In NT Dollars )
Item NHI* Non-NHI*
Registration Fee 100 100 250 100 250
Co-payment 420 50


(Triage Level3、4、5)

450(Triage Level1、2)

Additional Fees Fees for medication and other services will be charged separately.

* If you do not have Taiwan National Health Insurance (NHI), you must pay the Non-NHI fee. If you do have NHI, the charges indicated are your co-payments.

Last modified at 2018/04/13
Data from General Affairs and Medical Affairs Office