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Admission Information

Location for Admission
Both the Children's Hospital and the Main Building (East Campus) of the hospital handle the admission procedures.
You can choose the location most convenient for you.

Admission Flow Chart

Fill out the ward admission form
next step
Have your weight & height measurements taken, then take a number and wait for your turn
next step
Go to the admissions desk when your
number is called
next step
Complete the required tests and examinations
 (1. urine 2. EKG 3. blood 4. x-ray)
next step
Go to the nursing station to complete the admission process

Items You Should Bring

  • A suggested list of items to bring include:
    1. Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) or Passport
    2. National Health Insurance IC Card, if applicable
    3. Major Illness/Injury Card (Print), if applicable
    4. Other papers for preferential treatment (Ex: a tuberculosis manual), if applicable
    5. Names and phone numbers of family members or friends to contact in case of an emergency.

  • The hospital offers two blankets to an inpatient. For those who want to accompany an inpatient, please bring your own personal care items, clothes, and bedding.
  • Please DO NOT bring valuable items, such as large amounts of cash or jewelry.

The admissions desk provides a luggage storage service (we recommend you do not leave valuable items there) for your convenience while undergoing admission examinations.

Leave Pass
  • When leaving the hospital during your stay, fill out the “Patient Leave Application”; Permission from the doctor is required. (National Health Insurance regulations prohibit overnight leaves.)
  • During the period of admission, patients may not use National Health Insurance for other health services. If other health services are provided, patients must pay the bills by themselves for these services.
Companion Services
Our hospital provides a companion service:NT$1300 (12-hour shift,8AM-8PM ), NT$1400 (12-hour shift 8PM-8AM) and NT$2200 per 24-hour shift.
Last modified at 2018/04/13
Data from Medical Affairs Office