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                                        A Few Words from Our Superintendent

picture of Prof. Shyr-Chyr Chen 
Shyr-Chyr Chen

  For 124 years, National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH) has already established an excellent foundation under the efforts of the past superintendents, and has showed splendid results and brilliant achievements on medical education, medical research and patient services.

  However, with the social evolution, the change in the healthcare environment, the progress in artificial intelligence and the aggravation of doctor-patient relationships, patient’s demands are different than before, the expectation towards National Taiwan University Hospital from the society is also getting higher and higher.

Therefore, National Taiwan University Hospital will not be self-satisfied with the current situation. We need to be more united, work harder, gel the team together, and join force with domestic and foreign friendship hospitals. Based on the core values of our hospital, “Integrity and Honesty, Innovation and Excellence, Collaboration and Teamwork, Health and Dignity”, we will continue to cultivate outstanding talents and leading elites in the medical field. Utilize the advantages of National Taiwan University and National Taiwan University College of Medicine, combine the artificial intelligence to develop medical innovation in teaching and research, and combine industry-university to maximize the synergy between teaching and research.

Uphold the principle of “Patient-Oriented”, provide high-quality and user-friendly medical care, jointly enhance the quality of medical care in National Taiwan University Hospital and the whole country, and thus promote the health of the domestic population, in response to the expectations of the public, at the same time, lead the medical field in Taiwan to achieved the vision of being the role model, and also establish the historical orientation of our hospital.

I look forward to our colleagues in the hospital uniting together, working hand in hand and heart to heart, building consensus among the staff, trying our best to work as a team, and rebuilding the glorious history of National Taiwan University Hospital, making National Taiwan University Hospital a world-class university hospital.




Last modified at 2019/03/04
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