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Future Outlook

With an aging population, the future of our medicine will be built mainly around a holistic and personalized healthcare. We hope that, on the basis of humanistic care of better quality, we will be able to appropriately utilize electronic information and biotechnology to form the foundation of our management, and raise our service quality to the international standards. National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH) has been adapting in the past to the changing times and shifts in the environment by carrying out a series of organizational reconstruction and R & D programs. Beyond the improvements to our internal processes, our healthcare quality and effectiveness, what is more important is to our expectation of being able to gain the trust of our patients and their family members.

picture of East Site BuildingBesides, to facilitate the development of the NTUH healthcare system, we have planned for the establishment of mutually supportive systems for our healthcare system. Through mutually supportive administrative work and the sharing of information and resources, we will unleash the full potential of our healthcare system. Furthermore, the Main Hospital is asked to play a "headquarters" role within the system, in which, it will strive to guide each hospital branch along its healthcare and R & D paths that fit the features and needs of their respective locations. We look forward to the further integration of personnel, which will allow the NTUH healthcare system to train well-grounded, specialized healthcare personnel for our country. Through such training, we believe that it will be possible to create a strong momentum and cultivate the next generation of experts. Tomorrow's foundation is built upon today's efforts, so to make our vision a reality, the hospital will continually review its management approach, to create a quality healthcare education environment and carve out new frontiers for R & D and innovative healthcare services.

The hospital has always been committed to fulfilling its social responsibility. NTUH has been trusted by the community for more than a century because the hospital has never stopped advancing over the course of Taiwan's history. In addition to guiding healthcare policies and social reforms, the hospital also plays an influential role in our society. Consequently the hospital will continue to serve as a model, and with courage, while staying true to its philosophy of serving even when circumstances are tough, whether with respect to healthcare education, research, or service. We will be involved in key local healthcare policies and reforms, the formulation of healthcare education, the training of physicians and healthcare personnel, the raising of healthcare quality and patient safety, public issues like public education and humanistic care, all for the purpose of improving the well-being of the people. At the same time, we will maintain our innovative momentum by engaging in multidisciplinary integration with research teams from various NTU colleges, and cooperating with research and development institutions in Taiwan and overseas, with the hope that we can jointly produce excellent biomedical research results and contribute to the betterment of mankind.

Last modified at 2018/04/16
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